The control criteria to be achieved!

The control criteria to be achieved!

To achieve business objectives, the information must meet certain control criteria, which are described as business information requirements.

These criteria are often qualified as goals that the organization should aim to achieve.

The following seven criteria of information have been defined:

  •  It deals with information that is relevant and important to the business process, as well as being delivered in a timely, accurate, consistent and usable manner
  •  Controls the provision of information through optimal (more productive and economic) use of resources
  • Controls the protection of sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure
  • Detects the accuracy and completeness of the information as well as its validity in line with the set of values ​​and business expectations
  • Corresponds to the information that is available when it is required by the business process, and therefore also relates to resource conservation
  •  It deals with compliance with those laws, regulations and contractual arrangements in which it is subject to the business process, ie the criteria set out outside the business
  • Providing information to report regulatory bodies about compliance with laws and regulations
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